Monday, July 22

How to Demystify Success: Young Hustlers

Here are three simple things you can do to get closer to where you want to be faster.

To achieve success you have to have a plan that continues to move you forward. You have to have a target and decide what you want. Then you have to identify a vehicle that will move you forward.

The Second thing is you have to do the work. Identify who has your money. Where and how can you earn extra income? Determine where your growth is going to come from. How will you make it happen and what problems will you face? How will you scale out?

Last, you must stay focused. There are increments and levels to the game, literally nothing happens overnight. Frustration should be the indicator that your hitting your limitations so you have to keep showing up, stay focused and keep hitting it. That is the only way you’ll achieve success.

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