Friday, September 20

Real Estate Math, Free Practice Exam No 100, State Transfer Taxes, The Climer School of Real Estate

Andy Brown, the Best Real Estate Instructor in Orlando, and Head Instructor at The Climer School of Real Estate, helps you with a State Transfer Tax Real Estate Math Problem.

In Florida, there are three State Transfer Taxes. They all raise money for the state of Florida. One is on the Seller and two are on the Buyer. There is the Documentary Stamp Tax on the Deed, the Documentary Stamp Tax on the Note, and the Intangible Tax on the Note. Andy Brown shows you how to calculate these, and he shows you how the state might test you and try to trick you on the state exam.

If you need more help, come to one of Andy Brown's classes, especially his famous 2 Day State Exam Review Class. People come in from all over the country for his 2 Day Cram Course Review. Find out why Andy Brown is the best real estate instructor in Orlando.

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