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real estate Pre-licensing Courses

If you are thinking about getting a real estate license, we recommend taking Kaplan’s online licensing course.

Complete the Required Pre-licensing Courses

Every state requires real estate license applicants to take pre-licensing courses before sitting for the licensing exam. We recommend Kaplan for pre-licensing courses.

The pre-licensing curriculum varies among states, but most require about 60 to 75 hours of college level education in real estate fundamentals. Topics covered include fair housing laws, types of property ownership, fiduciary responsibilities, and more. There are also some basic math courses on how to calculate commission, price per square foot, real property taxes, etc. Courses mirror the state licensing exam by covering both national real estate principles and laws and state level information.

Once you obtain your license, most states require to you take 22 or more hours of continuing education courses every two years to keep your license active. More on this later.

Pre-licensing courses can usually be completed with live courses or online courses. Both types of courses can be taken at accredited educational institutions, such as community colleges and public universities.

Alternatively, you can take live or online courses offered by private companies such as Kaplan. Private companies must be approved by the state’s real estate licensing authority. Texas and California’s real estate licensing divisions have a listing of approved real estate courses on their websites. If you want to know if a particular company is an approved provider, contact your state’s licensing division.

The length of time you’re in class and the cost of the courses varies based on where you take the class. Take New York as an example. You could take a live real estate course at City University of New York’s Baruch College. The course costs $475 and meets for 10 sessions, spread out over a schedule of every weekday, 3 weekdays, or every weekend. Alternatively, a New York real estate online course from Kaplan costs $379 and can be completed at your own pace. We’ll cover costs in more detail in a later section.

To satisfactorily pass your pre-licensing courses, you must attend all classes and pass a course final exam. The course final exam will usually mimic the state final exam in content, format, time, and length.

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