Tuesday, June 25

The Climer School teaches Net Listings Real Estate Math for the Florida Real Estate Exam

www.climerrealestateschool.com We teach net listings, fractions, and computing acres. The Climer School has been teaching this Florida real estate exam math for thirty years. No one does it better. Watch this video if you are taking the test soon. Share it with your classmates. Climer School of Real Estate is in Orlando Call Andy Brown, Head Instructor, at The Climer School of Real Estate 407-822-3926 www.ClimerRealEstateSchool.com. Andy Brown is the best real estate instructor in Florida.



  • Arman

    Only 31 dollars to take salesperson test in Florida? Lucky you guys.  I have fam there, maybe I should relocate down south. Hows the housing market?

  • Skylinesandsunsets

    Thank you very much for these wonderful math videos.  It’s greatly appreciated.

    Just one suggestion: At the end of every lesson, I recommend stepping aside for a few seconds so that students can see it all before moving on to the next problem.  I’m referring to the second problem in particular, which ends at 5:16
    I would have liked a few seconds to view and absorb it all in.

  • Lorissha Coburn

    I like the way you teach,I haven’t stumbled upon any videos that have teaching from Illinois Real Estate instructors. Although this is general knowledge and is on the national portion of  the exam. It’s great how you explained each problem.Not passing costs $46 for the AMP exam in my state.

  • avril4412

    This guy is the real deal. I pass my test, I went from South Florida to Orlando for his review and I pass!! Out of everybody on youtube, he teaches the best

  • Robert Wright Jr

    Don’t forget to bring your Climer Real Estate School T-shirt and bring chocolates to the state exam. Ron suggested it lol but the video itself was great he really took me by the hand showed me, Thanks Ron!

  • janetplanet1111

    Thanks Mr. Climber for all the great videos and the great sense of humor. I really enjoy them and if i lived in Tampa, i would have definitely attended your school. Cheers

  • Apluswrecker More Cash for cars

    This a really good school guys trust me,Andy brown is the instructor he takes his time teaching you to how accomplish your goal in the real estate world.

    I took his realtor’s course having absolutely no confidence in myself during a weeks time that really changed all you have to do is just be dedicated he will take care of the rest,(BY THE WAY HE MAKES THE CLASS REALLY FUN)I guarantee you once you are done following his methods you are on your way to success.

    Where ever you are in the state,or in central Florida,Seminole,Orange,Polk,Osceola,The Climer school of real estate is where you want to have your first experience,or even with continuing education do not wait call them 407-822-3926.Tell him chesly sent you.

    • avril4412

      Hey I drove three hours to get to him  and its has been proven they are the best! His youtube videos persuade to go to Orlando and now I am a Realtor.

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